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Friday, June 26, 2009

Two months since something interesting

Wow -can't believe its two months since the last post. Like the last post, we had hail again today on my ride home on 684. At one point, it looked like big fluffing snowflakes hitting the car and splatting, then it transitioned to an outright hailstorm with quarter size hail. The wind rain and hail were so hard you could not see the car next to you or in front of you. We were all at a dead stop. The highway proceeded to flood in parts up to the doors.

On another note, its the 26th day of June, and per the airports records, 21 of the 26 days had rain. I think they missed some sprinkles one day too. NYC records show its the fourth coolest and now post thunderstorms, third wettest june on record. There are four more days, and each day has a chance of rain and below normal temps, but the record wettest is 10.27 inches in 2003 and prestorms they were at 8.65. We had about a half inch of rain at DXR and NYC had .67 today, so that puts them into third. Keep in mind there were no huge daily amounts, just consistent amounts between .1 and.6. All this rain without a tropical system.

Also note that the highest temperature, despite the forecast for 90 the last two days, was 83 today, which is also the highest temp of the month so far.