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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Winters last chance

Storm to the south on Friday might bring enough cold air to mix in some snow, if it goes far enough north. Then it may leave enough cold air behind to mix some in on Monday's storm.

Monday's storm looks pretty bad from a rain perspective. We had almost 3 inches last night, and almost 8 for the month of March. Compared to .5 inches of snow. But some are calling for snow, how that is with temps this warm, I don't know. It would be short lived though. The mounds of snow at the Mall are gone! Winter offically over.

Its just too warm - I'm liking that more and more. See you next year.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Is winter over?

While there still looks to be some cold air left aloft, its really winding down now. As previously posted, with no colder than normal surface temps, its difficult to believe we will have any snow.

With average highs in Danbury of the 43 to start and 54 to end, and nightime lows in the low 20's to 32 by the end, not much chance for the above normal temps we have had lately to turn into snow. As of the ninth, our lowest temp was 21, for literally an hour. The last time we were in the teens, which should not be a stretch to reach, was Feb 17th at 19 degrees.

March has had officially .5 inches of snow - and there is no more in sight. Will it be the least snowiest march in history?

Friday, March 5, 2010

Looking ahead in March

The problem with late Feb and Early march continues - no really cold surface temps. Yes the 850 line is below us almost the entire next two weeks, but surface temps never make it into the lower 20's and highs only in the 40's. Looking a little above normal due to the higher nite temps.

So it looks like a very moderate March, with no extremes. Thats unusual, but what hasn't been this winter.

As far as storms - nothing headed directly at us for certain, but storms will be around on the 11th (likely rain), 13th (could be big, rain to snow) and the 20th.