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Thursday, January 24, 2013

1/25-26 event

I've been watching this one for a week now and its gone from blizzard to flizzard. The odd thing is that its a clipper (some call it a Miller B) which slides south of NYC, and should result in a 2-4 inch snow at minimum for CT.  However, it fizzles out and reforms (hence the Miller B nature) but too far offshore for anything more than an inch.  There should be high snow ratios though as the air is perfect temp for the highest ratio.  Still wondering if we can get 4+ out of this - there is no model supporting more than a dusting to an inch, but it still seems too low.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Light snow event tonite

Looking for some snow, 2-4 inches, perhaps more.  This is a front loaded snow fall and will probably turn to rain or freezing rain, but only after most of the precip has fallen.  Typically, these overperform model guidance, so while .25 is the precip amount predicted, it may result in 4 inches of snow.