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Monday, July 2, 2012

Colder than normal!

For the first time since last August, the monthly average temp was noticably below normal. June ended at -3.1 at DXR. While April was a -.6, it did not in my mind sufficiently break the trend of warmer temps. We also received near normal rainfall amounts for June, which is also indicating a potential for a more back and forth normal type of pattern as opposed to the cold pattern in 2010-11 which flipped warm in Sept 11.

Other item of note - yesterday was the hottest I can remember at the shore. Even surrounded by water, the temps made it into the mid 90's, until at least 7pm. A sea breeze briefly developed along the beach in the late morning, but never made it past the dunes. Thankfully it was a dry (er) heat. The ocean temps had to be around 70-72 as we could just walk in without flinching and the Accuweather pro tropical site has the water temp anomoly off the shore at +5c. Car was registering 112-116F while idiling on the pavement.

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