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Thursday, March 9, 2017

March 10

3-10 3-6 was a nice call. No school.  Snow stayed off driveway

But piled on the grass, deck and snow table

3-9  Back in the weather center.

Well this got interesting fast.  The brief history on tomorrows storm, from recollection is as follows.
Originally, a clipper bringing 1-3 for the area, but possibly rain.  Then a shift south over SNJ/DC area.  Yesterday a shift back to hitting our area.  Now the models picking up on a bunch of energy in the jet, as well as strong upward motion at 700mb.  Add to that the training effect and we could see 3-6 in our area.   Watch the vertical velocity as it moves over the tri-state.  This usually results in heavy, 1-2"/hr snow rates, so its something to watch.

700 frontogenesis is another area to watch
850 frontogenesis is also lined up nicely.

I like the idea of 3-6, with a few hrs of 1-2"/hr rates.

NAM dries up though

0z NAM run

Some snow maps - still supports a 3-4" snow, if not a bit more.

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