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Wednesday, February 5, 2014


2-10 ended up with 1.5"  Came down hard for an hour or so.

2-8 GFS still the most moist with .4 for DXR.  The SREFS have .25ish. General feeling is nuisance snow 1-3 inches.  However, will need to watch as it approaches.  Euro still has .05 for precip, NAM has .04.  HI Res models are dry too.

2-7 evening - GFS trying to pop a 1012  low when this disturbance hits the coast and puts down .15 on the operation and .25 on the ens.  Watch for jet streak enhancement as well, though its not oriented properly atm.

2-7 - still just a chance of light snow - discontinuing coverage

2-6 no real changes for today - still two weak systems, some light snow with the northern stream one.  We'll see if that enhances tomorrow.  NAM is closest with the systems

2-4 A lot of catch up to do on this one.  In brief, went from blizzard from 240hrs out to nothing 96 hrs out.  Here is the history in pix



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