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Thursday, February 20, 2014

Crazy storm on Euro

2-25 update.  Storm enters No Cal, but just dissapates as it crosses the Rockies.  ITs a 1004 over OK but then further degenerates.  The moisture follows the high out, right over us, but the huge cold high coming in behind it must be drying it all out.  Honestly, still makes sense that there would be a storm, but perhaps its just out of juice.  Anyway, there's another one on the way for 3-3/3-4

 2-21 update - nothing showing as system remains surpressed,   Wed the 26th is next threat, with the 2nd of March possibly being a GL cutter.

I need more coffee to digest the last euro run. The qpf below, which is all snow north Chesapeake, except outer Cape Cod. Most of our area, a line from Cumberland, MD to Deposit, NY to White River Jct VT on east has over 12"with most of SNE, LI, Central and NE NJ, including NYC as 24+ on the snowfall map, with parts of CT, MA with 4+ feet on the ground, and parts of NH/ME with 6-7 ft on the ground. Sharp cutoff north and west of that line. To the south of the PA/MD line, the 12" area includes ne parts of WV, all of VA east of Lynchburg, and it dips into NC as deep as perhaps Durham and Rocky Mount.

Winds sustained over the water at 45-50kts, gusts over ACK and CCOD at 70+kts.
Temps in the teens and single digits for most of the area during the storm.
Pressure at hr 228 is 996 off OBX to 988 at hr 234 at maybe just SW of 40/70 to 976 at hr 240 around 43.5n/66w. Moves fast, but is juicy

CMC forms lp out to sea at 240hr
GFS 0z and 6 z bring weak storms on 3/3 and 3/4

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