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Saturday, November 29, 2014

First Week December

12-2 Flurries out today, high of 37

12-1.  It's 55 out at 10am.   Cold front is late coming through. The Nam is not showing much in the way of precip either after the cold front or ahead of the warm front. Anything will be light. Euro is a little more robust with some snow tues evening. Gfs has a little brief light snow.  My fear with the lack of amounts is that the precip is used up in evaporational process and falls as virga.

Fri nite snow also is minimal, if any.  Gfs has wave staying to our south.  Euro has little front end snow, then bulk of moisture after it has warmed.

11-29  - Nothing major in the next week.  But there are two events, Tues nite and Fri nite, which may produce some wintry precip.  Looks like a warm front comes through Sunday (surprisingly no precip) and cold front comes in Monday nite.  As it cools off Tuesday, a warm front should produce some overrunning precip Tuesday night.  Could be snow to rain or snow to freezing rain to rain. Coating to an inch at this time. Warms up Wednesday, then a cold front hangs to our south on Thursday.  A wave forms on the front and again creates a warm air overrunning event for Friday.  This one looks a little more potent, but again a snow to rain event.  Euro has high pressure in place for both though  and there is some evidence of cold air damming.  GFS has the high too, but moves it out.  Much drier look as well.

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