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Friday, February 27, 2015

3-2 moderate snow

 3-2  Result  5.5"

0z NAM  .68

3-1  Still looking for mostly snow north of NYC.  12z run yesterday through 12z run today all consistent.  NAM likely too much.  . 

12z GFS  .42
12z Euro  .49
12z NAM  .69
0z GFS .42
0z Euro  .5
0z  nam .71

2-28  Nothing sexy about this one.

All models agree on some overrunning snow from a front and wave combo on Sunday night into Monday. Anywhere from 2-5 inches.  NAM with a little more, but that is expected.   NAM forms a LP right off Delmarva which enhances precip somewhat.

0z 2-28 nam .71
12z Euro .35 qpf
12z GFS with .42qpf
12z NAM with .56 qpf
0z GFS with .32 qpf
0z NAM .25-.5
0z Euro  .28

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