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Monday, February 16, 2009

Sunday 2/22 - possible quick hit, or Monday Noreaster?

1z Euro and Can now weaken the clipper to a light snow event. But follow it with what could be our first southern stream event. 120 hr is Sunday morn, 144 is Monday

Some models continue on the possibility that a little clipper quickly develops right where we would see some decent snow fall, say around 6 inches. Would be fast moving.

12z Euro and Canadian have weakened the northern stream system, so just flurries on Sunday, but look at the pix . Could this be our first Southern Stream storm?


SW CT WX said...

2/17 -
Euro, CAN, UKMEt and GFS all still have a storm, tracking through or near NJ. Just a matter of strength now.

SW CT WX said...

euro still has light clipper for Sunday
UKMet same
CAn sticking to coastal storm
dgex has both, one to the north one to the south
gfs with brief 1-3 coming sun morn

Going to Canada

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