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Thursday, December 3, 2009

12/5-6 snow

12-4 gfs 12z snow map. Wow did this change from yesterday

UKMET from 0z 12-3 with 6+ inches

0z euro 12-3 with 2-3 inches, but mostly offshore

0z can 12-3 with mostly off shore, and dusting

WRF has 1-2 inch storm
GFS snowcover is nada - it brings it up to dc then disappears

12-4 models all shifting west. As of 12z, ukmet so far west with the 540 thickness line, that its a rain event (despite below freezing at 5000 feet). Nam also very close to all rain, even GFS is pushed back to have some rain. CAN crushes us, as does EURO. too bad they don't have precip outputs.


SW CT WX said...

12/5 storm ended with 1" at the house, with various other amounts, up to 6 inches within the area. Became an elevation storm and also had banding which missed us. Most reports had 1-4 inches though.

SW CT WX said...

btw - Henry and Joe had this producing 2-4 inches in NYC - total of "T" verified

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