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Friday, February 26, 2010

Prelim results for 25-26 retro storm

Storm tracked from off the NC coast up to south of CCod, over CT (New Haven had lowest pressure of 972 (28.72) and here was down to 975, so I think it went right over NH.

We received 2.72 inches of rain, had serious flooding as rain ran down icepak in back yard, over wall creating waterfall and streamed up against the sunroom. Then going down the wall in the basement and flowing out the garage.

We reached 32 around 2am, just in time to be dryslotted. At 4:30pm temps were 38, but wind shifted around 5-5:30 to the nw and temps dropped to 33. From there it took until 2am to reach freezing and we were dryslotted at the time.

Woke up with an inch of snow on the ground, and pavement with temps around 28. Gained 3-4 inches through the morning as we were in northern bands as low hung over NYC. Low then faded SSE and started to weaken by noon with snow squalls following.

Serious storm anywhere west or south of here. Greenwhich had about a foot as did White plains. Serious tree damage throughout the tristate. Ridgefield, 5 miles away had about 8 inches. Armonk over a foot. Ossning 18 inches. Across the Hudson, was brutal. 25-35 inches were common in Orange/Rockland. Even NJ had spots over 24"

Ski areas reported 60 inches at Belleayre 40 inches at Hunter (plus previous 22 brough them to 62 in three days), Loon - 39, Okemo - 30.

Winds - DXR had 35mph gust, but none at the house over 14. Most of the time the trees did not move. Different story in Maine, NH where gusts of 90mph occurred at buoys and 132mph on MT Washington Massive power outages to over 200,000 in ME/NH

And as of 2:30 on the 26th, its still squalling.

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