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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Rare summer post - Heatwave

For the first time since 2001, temps in this area crossed the 100 degree mark on July 6. Danbury officially at the airport was 100, while the CT weather center registered 104. Here at the house it was 98. NYC crossed 100 for the first time since 2001 as well - here are some of the highs from the metro area
NYC - 103
LGA - 103
EWR - 105 (then changed to 103 due to a "malfunction")* tied all time high
HPN - 102
SWF -101
POU - 102
BDL - 102* tied all time high
New Haven - 100
Stamford - 103* all time high
Morristown - 102
Caldwell - 102
Teterboro - 103
Westfield Ma - 103
and other interesting highs
BWI - 105
Williamsburg 105
Fredericks VA 105
Macguire AFB - 104

And other interesting facts....

Winds were primarily out of the north in most locations, thus humidity was relatively low in the 20s and 30s. Sea breeze saved Boston, Bridgeport and other locations from exceeding 100 and there was a shift to the South and drop of 10 degrees once the sea breeze set in. This allowed overnite temps to get back into the comfortable 60's by early morning.

Last year we never went over 90 in Danbury. It took until August to go above 90 in NYC. This year Danbury is above 90 5 days so far, with first day being May 26.

We have not had any rain since June 28. April was 45% of rainfall, May was 51% of rainfall, June was 68% of rainfall. No rain is forecast until July 10.

Temps are not supposed to be as high today, but at 8:53am, the temp was already 87 at DXR. There should be a stronger seabreeze for the coast today, and then the humidity builds in for the next few days.

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