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Monday, January 3, 2011

Jan 6-8

Results: 9 inches in danbury, 15 inches in Southbury, 12 in N Fairfield. I 84 closed from exits 11 into Putnam Cty. NYC had 1.7 inches, parts of NJ had 4-6 and LI had rain.

1/5 - This is impossible to predict. Norlon Trough
Basically, the GFS is showing 2-4 inches, Euro from 6 inches at 0z to 2-4 at 12z. Nam pic is above. Higher resolution models will be better able to predict, but the nam is warmer and has way more precip. So as you can see from the pic, its a 50 mile wide swath of snow, which every run on every model, changes position. But theres always something there, and almost everyone gets at least an inch.

1/4 - Everything remains discombobulated. Multiple lows everywhere. NAM is on board with the inverted trough, somewhere between phl and RI. Most recent runs have us getting at least 6 inches. GFS has same location, but lesser amt - 3-6 Euro still puts in .3 qpf for Danbury area. Still most likely 3-6 with chance for 6-8, worth watching.

1/3 - 0z Euro caught my attention this morning. Complex system coming through, primarily northern stream, over next weekend. Euro ends up stacking the lows and 976 pressures just off the coast of NJ, stalling for 24 hrs. The precip output for danbury was 1.7 qpf, however, the temps at the surface were just above freezing.

GFS and other models also hinting at a storm, but not developing it until its further out to sea, or further north.

12z Euro just in and it has the precip down to a more reasonable 6 inch storm.

Call for now, based on GFS, Euro combo is for a 3-6 inch storm around Saturday.

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