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Thursday, January 23, 2014

Jan 29-31

Didn't look like the maps below  - here is the snow map totals from accupro
and the NORHSC

And the low temps

1-28 - Amazing snowfall amts predicted for SC/NC coast.  SNJ and SE CT get brushed, possibly
below 0 in SC?????

Euro - brushes NJ, 6-9 in NC/SC

Nam with over 12 in NC, brushes NJ + SE Mass

1+25 - nothing of note for this time frame

1-24 - Euro backed off with the split off of energy, but still brings snow from the GA/FL border up to NC. mostly right along the coast.
Snow map from 12z Euro on 1-24

1-23First run with what could be an interesting set up for the end of the month.  Euro has ridiculously amplified trough, which is a bit too far east and not negative to benefit us with snow.  But it does do so down south.   Some buzz on the boards about this, but not looking likely just yet. We'll need the other systems to set the stage.  GFS has rounded trough, EURO keeps a piece off (over TX), which pulls it back and amplifies it.

Also, this Sat has nuisance snow, maybe monday as well.  Its those systems that set up the one above.

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