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Monday, March 3, 2014

Items of interest for first two weeks of March

3-5 -  opening another post for the 13-15th as Euro and GFS have had a storm in the area for the last few runs. Otherwisesome waves moving through the area yesterday and today touch off some flurries.  Some snow showers sunday with frontal passage per Euro.  0z GFS has some systems passing to the north on the 11th and 12th each showing light snow, but those usually don't snow to the south of the low, so we'll see if that happens. The13th has a LP going off the SC/GA coast and the 18th another system, a bit stronger than the 11th and 12th, to our north putting down accumulating snow. 

3-4  Promising storms, nearly disappear as late model runs modify the cold air.

12z run of euro is not nearly as cold as its been, with some times above 0 at 850 in the NE.  Its 10 day run shows storm to the south on the 5/6th, bigger one off obx on the 7/8th, and a 992 low going over NYC on the 14th.  0z run similar except the 12/13th there is a double low with transfer to the coast bringing a good snow to the area then looks like its reloading for the 14/15th.

0z gfs has wave off on the 5th with larger storm on the 7th with snow possibly reaching SNJ.  Wave passing through on the 9th. Clipper on the 11th, with larger storm sliding off GA.  6" storm on the 14th for most of the area.  No real warm up as temps below 850 for most of the run.

12z gfs has lows moving off SE coast on the 5th and 7th with near normal temps over the weekend.  Wave moving through on the 9th. LP sliding off GA on the 12th, while a weak clipper moves to our north, likely rain.  Temps around normal until the 14th when an arctic front comes again but only lasts two days.  A 984 LP moves north to our west on the 18th. 

0z CMC has a storm on the 14th, similar to gfs and euro.  Otherwise its seasonable.

3-3 Pattern remains rather cold with multiple opportunitites for snow. 12z gfs has storm going off obx on friday, 3-7, then a clipper type on sunday 3-9 with a few inches. Wed 3-12 a storm slides off the SE coast and 3-14 a 1004 storm goes just inside the BM for a significant storm, followed by a clipper on 3-16 and a weak wave on 3-18. 6z run has 3-7 storm further south, 3-9 clipper, wave on 3-11, storm slide south on 3-14, wave on 3-15 and southern slider on 3-19. 0z run has weak storm slidking off obx on the 6th, stronger storm just south of us on the 7th, weak storm ont he 9th forming off a frontal passage, wave coming over on the 11th, big miller b ont he 14th, light rain to snow on the 17th. Euro has a couple of inches as a coastal goes by to our east on the 7th, clipper ont he 9th, and a mishmosh on the 12-13th. CMC has nothing noteworthy until the 13th.

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