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Tuesday, November 24, 2015


12/19  We did have some snow flurries today....

12/14 - Euro again getting close, gfs not there.

12/11 - 0z euro coming close on the 19th.

So is GFS... 6z at least

12/5  0z GFS has some more stronger storms for the 17th and 19th. But sadly rain at this point.  Euro Control completely different picture.  6z GFS has them going to our west and very warm. 
12-17 0z gfs
12/19 0z gfs

12/4 - its been since the below run on 11/26 that a snow storm has shown up.  This one one the 6z gfs.  Hr 348, so its just eye candy for now, and not even much at that since temps are marginal.  The GFS at least is putting a mean trough in the CONUS, but mainly to our west.  Euro control less interesting.  Still the next 10 days should be warmer than normal and dry.

Storms are showing up on model runs, but there is no consistency between models, nor from one model run to the next.  Dec 2 (Euro ens) and Dec 8(12z GFS) are todays examples of that.
12z GFS for 12/8
0z Euro ens control for 12-2

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